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A Project Management Consulting Group




C2 Enterprises, Inc. is an accountable, ethical solution to near term or long term challenges



Our Mission

To bring a broad base of scientific and project management experience and expedite the successful completion of projects.  By focusing on key project management principles, identifying risks, and building realistic timelines and milestones, we meet project objectives, and free up the technical talent in the company to create products that improve lives and the environment.


Laura Cribbins is the founder and principal consultant of C2 Enterprises, Inc.  She has over 23 years of varied domestic and international experience working with Pharmaceutical and Medical Device firms. 

Whether it is a biological, pharmaceutical or medical device, it takes a wide range of skills to develop and bring a product that benefits the patient to market.  Clearly defined objectives for the project must be carefully managed to bring maximum benefit to the patient and the company.  C2 Enterprises, Inc. provides contract Project Management services for large or small projects, drawing on a broad experience base.



Laura Cribbins





Project Management